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VTE Pathophysiology and DOAC Pharmacokinetics in Obesity
Join Dr. Daniel M. Witt as he explains how to optimize DOAC pharmacokinetics in patients with obesity.
Topics include hemostasis, the impact of obesity on clot formation, and the effects of obesity on DOAC absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.
Newsletter: How do targeted therapies for CLL/SLL and MCL, cause cardiotoxicity?
Interview with Jeremy R. Stone, MD
In this activity, Dr. Stone describes the targeted therapies for CLL/SLL and MCL, and how these agents cause cardiotoxicity.
Patient Video: What message would you give to healthcare providers that could impact the next patient they see?
Interview with patient advocate, Leslie Lake of The National Blood Clot Alliance
What message do you have for HCPs treating patients with blood clots and what should patients expect?
VTE Risk Assessment Tool
How do you estimate the pretest probability for acute DVT and PE?

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